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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  July 26, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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♪ raise the debt ceiling >> bret: maybe it will work. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report." fair, balanced, and unafraid. >> shepard: the swiss board and the web sites crashed. the debt debate has america angry. tonight the dead lock and the consequences. plus could the norway massacre suspect claim insanity? >> police say he has confessed to his crimes. and he says he has a reason for his murders: but his own lawyer insists the suspect clearly has mental issues. >> his whole case indicates that he is insane. >> tonight the accused killer's possible defense and what apparently caught him off guard about the nightmare in norway. as the family of amy winehouse says goodbye, new questions emerge about what really killed her. seems it might not be that
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obvious after all. tonight, the mystery of amy's death. plus, attacked by a kangaroo. >> run for the ground. >> we'll see how a 94-year-old woman took on a hopping mad animal and lived to tell her story. but, first from fox this tuesday night. a new poll shows exactly what you want. 62% of americans surveyed want a compromise. a compromise of spending cuts and revenue increases to solve america's debt crisis. but with seven days to go, still no deal to raise the nation's debt limit. and nobody seems to know how all of this will end. officials say that means a week from now the government may not be able to pay all of its bills, and every american could face a sort of tax hike in the form of higher interest rates. the house of representatives working on speaker john boehner's plan to raise the debt limit but only for six months. the white house says that's not long enough and it's threatening a veto but it doesn't matter really because the senate majority leader says the bill will never make it to the
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president's desk. >> speaker boehner's plan is not a compromise. it was written for the tea party, not the american people. democrats will not vote for it, democrats will not vote for it. democrats will not vote for it it's dead on arrival in the senate. >> shepard: leader reid is pushing his own plan. leaders say that bill may be dead on arrival in the house. which leaves stuck in the middle of a battle. fast becoming a national even world crisis. if there is no deal a week from tonight, officials warn they have to decide which bills they can and cannot pay. like social security checks. military salaries, and veterans benefits. unemployment benefits. and student loans. bigger picture? the credibility of our nation is on the line. the world is watching. and the polls show americans are frustrated and angry. team fox coverage now gerri willis with the fox business network a look at default and what it would mean to all of us.
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mike emanuel on capitol hill. word republicans are working on a rewrite of speaker boehner's bill, huh? >> that's right, shep. undoubtedly they are trying to come up with more savings. also trying to come up with enough votes to pass the house of representatives. they need 218. let's take a look at a side-by eye side comparison at the speaker boehner plan and harry reid's plan. speaker boehner's plan designed so cut $3 trillion. speaker reid's $2.7 trillion. of course the boehner plan requires two votes to increase the debt limit while the reid plan includes one vote to raise the debt limit. today boehner called his bill reasonable and responsible. take a listen. >> a real caps and real process for cutting spending before the end of this year and it provides for, i think, the best effort to get a balanced budget amendment enacted into the constitution. there is a lot of arm twisting in the house to try to come up
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with those 218 votes to pass the boehner plan out. they are looking at a re-write to see if they can come up with more savings in a hurry, shep? >> shepard: balanced budget amendment to the constitution. two thirds of the senate. three fourths of the state impossible. last night the president encouraged americans to make their voices heard. seems they did. >> no question about that. we went to two united states senators office fair and balanced. the republican from tennessee lamar alexander and bill nelson a democrat of florida, phones were ringing off the hook. some people saying they are in favor of the president's plan. some people saying just get something done. i asked senator alexander about the nature of the calls he was getting. take a listen. >> the president had his impact. we got a lot more calls but what they told us when they called is they don't agree with him. >> now, we are told that they were coming in almost double the normal level of calls. about 35,000 an hour compared to
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20,000 an hour during a normal day. shep? >> shepard: mike emanuel at the rotunda on capitol hill. thanks. what would really happen if a downgrade in the nation's credit rating happened and what would it mean to you? a number of economic experts say it would spark a sell-off in stocks, treasury secretaries and the united states dollar. would also raise the interest rates. would which would make it harder for americans to borrow money for homes, cars, and schools. and a downgrade, according to the experts, may happen whether they fix this thing or not. the fox business network's gerri willis continues our team fox coverage in our newark newsroom. a lot of doom and gloom for the market watchers. what's the truth here. >> traders for a long time figured this was no big deal a big oner. recently they started to take action pulling gold prices higher over $1,600 a troy ounce and a weak dollar means that oil prices are spiking higher almost to $100 a barrel. bar the door if we actually have a default then you could see the
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big impacts a big market sell-off spiking interest rates. >> shepard: default a much bigger deal than a downgrade. a lot of folks suggest a downgrade coming either way. >> a downgrade could come any time. very big impact on consumer interest rates, mortgage rates, small business loans. you name it, they become more exeivel if those interest rates move higher. also stocks could sell off not good news for your 401(k), shep. >> shepard: no doubt. gerri willis fox business news. her report 5:00 eastern time, 4:00 central on the fox business network jewels up the dial. one republican leader says president obama would rather give speeches about the debt crisis than find a solution. but the president's experts say he is the one actually talking about compromising. we will go live to the white house for the politics of all of this. and there is a lot of politics. that's coming up minutes from now. first though we are hearing from some of those who survived the massacre in norway. people who managed to duck and dive under bullets as a gunman
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murdered dozens and dozens of people at an island summer camp. one of the survivors of the friday's attack was a man who says he was in the bathroom when the shooting began. the gunfire shortly after he heard about explosion in oslo. he said he thought the noise was just somebody pulling a bad prank. >> i ripped the door open and there was a recessed corner and there were two many of my comrades. imcould see on the faces that this was no joke. there was a young boy lying there in a pool of blood. he was injured but he was still conscious at the time. >> shepard: that man says he hid in employee bathroom until the cops got there at around the same time, a 16-year-old camper texted her mother that she was hiding in the rocks along the coast. our sister network sky news for great britain and the united kingdom got ahold of the teen's text message. the first one reads mummy, tell the police they must be quick, people are dying here. the mom responds i'm working on it, julie, the police are on
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their way. dare you call me? julie says no and adds tell the police that there is a mad man running around shooting people. that girl, julie, survived. and in a web cam interview her mother talked about how the teen made it off that island alive. >> she made the call and she did the right thing and she tried to comfort the other in the group that she hided to together with so they didn't panic. at the same time she texted me. so i think she did the right thing and i'm really proud of her. she is a tough girl. >> shepard: at least 68 people died on that island. the man accused of murdering them and eight others in an oslo bomb blast is anders breivik. and breivik's lawyer is now revealing details about who that client is. and what he may have been thinking. our correspondent greg burke streaming live now from oslo. greg? >> hi, shep. well the latest just a short time ago. there was an explosion at
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breivik's farm north of oslo. it's you will under control. actually police had been looking all through there. they had found explosives. decided the best way to get rid of them was to blow them um. it really gave neighbors a scare. earlier today the suspect's lawyer talking a bit about his client. he says breivik was surprised he made it out to the island. he thought that he would have been shot after the bombing. now, he also thought police would have gotten out to that island where the camp was going on a lot quicker. according to the the lawyer breivik took drugs before the attacks. he didn't say which ones though. he said his client gives every indication that he is insane. it's not clear that that is going to be the line of defense. however, it might be the best way of keeping him in custody for life. the lawyer also claims that breivik wanted to be the savior of europe. >> he said it was necessary to start a war here in europe and as well as the western world. he is sorry that it was necessary but it was necessary, he says.
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>> now, finally, shep, you know, some people here in norway have called this norway's 9/11. others have told me it's actually worse. if you look at how small the country is and the fact that those young people at the camp came from all over, they say every town, every county in the country has been affected. shep? >> shepard: greg, the norwegian ambassador to the united states says his god son was among those on the island. he spoke with fox news just a short time ago. >> he tells of horrible stories of the execution like killings of children and youth at the island. he swum from the island, was in the water for an hour and made it to the main land. >> shepard: he swam for an hour to survive. president obama and the vice president joe biden visited the norwegian ambassador's residence in d.c. today. both men signed condolence book for the victims. president obama's note reads in
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part to the people of norway we are heart broken by the tragic loss of so many people, particularly youth with the fullness of life ahead of them. and he added the thoughts and prayers of all measures are with the people of norway. another congressman in the middle of a sex scandal. now this man, who sometimes dresses as tiger, threatens to fight for his job. a live update ahead. and a new report about americans' bank accounts. experts are saying we haven't seen such a wealth gap as this in many decades. it's part of the reporting you will get tonight from the journalists of fox news from america's leading news network. . ♪ medical history follows you. it's the at&t network -- a network of possibilities...
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>> shepard: second time enemy less than two months a sex scandal forcing congressman to leave office. david wu announcing he will resign today amid accusations he had a sexual encounter with a recent high school graduate. she describes it as unwanted.
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he describes it as consensual but says is he quitting for the well-being of his own children. he says he will stick around until after congress resolves the debt crisis. hello. here he is headed for the vote on the house floor earlier. this comes just weeks after the former new york congressman anthony weiner resigned in a section sexting scandal. he made get up this year when he mailed a photo of himself dressed up as, i don't know, tiger. several staffers quit citing erratic behavior. shannon bream in washington. he says is he resigning but doesn't plan on leaving right away. >> he might not have wanted to go at all. turns out oregon's two democratic senators sent wu a message. they were planning to publicly call for his resignation if he didn't offer it by noon today. but he did. here is what he said, quote. i cannot care for my family the way i wish serving in congress and fighting these very serious allegations.
4:16 pm
i therefore intend to resign upon resolution of the debt ceiling crisis. no word how long that could take. when he was pushed for specifics today, shep, he wouldn't give any. >> shepard: not surprised. does this mean that the potential ethics situation is he facing might go away. >> not as long as he is a member of congress. it is up to the ethics committee to decide whether to launch a formal investigation, so, as long as wu stays, they can keep on digging. meanwhile, the office of oregon's governor says he is already reviewing the procedures for a special election which will be held if wu does step down. shep? >> they will get that tiger by the tail. thanks very much, shannon bream in the d.c. while lawmakers battle over the debt limit and all that, the new survey shows more americans are concerned about their own bills. the polls from a.p. and gfk, whatever that is, finds 20% of americans say they worry about the money they owe, all or most of the time. that's up 17% since just last fall. american home prices are rising despite unexpected drop in new
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home sales. u.s. commerce department reports the average price for a new home last month jumped 5.8% to more than $235,000. meanwhile, new home sales slipped 1% in june to 312,000. analysts say today that they expected a number around 320,000. economists say a surge in foreclosures is hurting demand for new homes. and sagging home prices contributing to the largest wealth gap between whites and minorities in a quarter century. according to the any census data white americans on average have 20 times the net worth of african-americans. and 18 times the net worth of hispanic americans. the median wealth of white households more than $113,000. hispanic households more than 6,000. african-american households even lower. the experts say white americans are more likely to have 401 k accounts or other stocks. most put their wealth in a home.
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home equity sank after the housing bust. a mother charged in the jay walking death of her 4-year-old son today learned her fate. and she was facing more jail time than the hit and run driver served. her sentence coming up. plus, calorie listing on fast food menus. do you ever let that number stop you from ordering a monster cheeseburger meal? there is a new study and it's next. i never saw the traffic stop. it all happened so fast. it was clearly too late for me to do anything as my mercedes collision system automatically kicked in. the next thing i know, the mercedes stopped itself. ♪ watching what mercedes has done in bringing together these sensors in a car with software that has the ability to save your life. that's magical software. [ male announcer ] the innovation, the engineering of mercedes-benz.
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>> shepard: it was a mighty sad story, a 4-year-old boy killed cross ago busy street with his family right there. they were not using a crosswalk. and even though the police caught the driver who hit the child. they also charged the boy's mother with vehicular homicide. happened last year in georgia. we reported on it here. the hit and run driver served
4:22 pm
six months in jail. earlier this month a jury convicted the child's mother as well. >> crossing the median with a few other people that had gotten off the bus. and we were waiting for the next line of traffic to pass along. he let go of my hand and like i said, i don't know if he saw somebody else move, and i ran out and tried to catch him. >> shepard: today, that judge sentenced the mother. she faced up to three years in jail and instead the jail gave her a year's probation. 40 hours of community service and a rare chance to clear her name with a new trial. her attorney says they will accept that offer. the british medical journal today releasing a new study on the effectiveness of a law that requires restaurant chains to post calories on menus. here in new york city they introduced this law back in 2008. so there are numbers up on my board. requires any chain with 15
4:23 pm
locations nationwide to display the calorie counts on menus. the city's health commissioner says the law gives customers the ability to make healthier choices john roberts with the news live in atlanta tonight. this new law will go nationwide. what does the law show how effective it is. >> is this more big government in your lunch bag or do these calorie counts in your restaurants actually work? the definitive answer to that question thus far may come from the new york city department of health which implemented the law by the way. surveyed people at 168 restaurants across the city and the survey said one in six just 15% of people actually use those numbers to make a choice about what they had for lunch. among those people, the average reduction was 106 calories. who is using using this informa? the survey found women were mostly the ones who used this information. people who also went to fast food restaurants in the wealthier neighborhoods. people in the poorest neighborhoods were the least likely to use and overall 85% of
4:24 pm
people said doesn't matter to them. researchers at the department of health say it's a small but positive step but one that would appear to be fairly modest given all the hoopla around this law in 2008. >> shepard: which restaurants saw the most chansz,. >> first of all when you take all the restaurants into in consideration, there was no change. take a look at this. mcdonald's found an average reduction of 5.3%, that's since they introduced some healthier menu choices like salads, kentucky fried chicken after it added grilled chicken was 6.4% and subway saw average calorie increase of more than 17%. almost 18%. that's because of the introduction of the foot long sub for $5. back in 2007, only one in four people ordered those. 2009 it was three out of four. have you got to ask yourself, shep, what would jared say?
4:25 pm
>> shepard: john roberts in our atlanta newsroom. john, thanks. mcdonald's today announcing plans to make the iconic happy meal more healthful for your children. beginning in september every happy meal will contain apple slices. right now they are an option and not people are apparently. french fry portions will shrink from a couple of ounces to an ounce. reduce the calories, sugar and fats across the board and assault by 15% by the year 2015. they are just responding to customer demand here. the senior director of nutrition doesn't cut fries all together all foods fit in moderation. some teenagers are now talking about what it was like when they crossed paths with a grizzly bear. >> hiking in a stream, first in front started screaming and yelling bear. >> i was scared. i was scared. but, still --
4:26 pm
>> shepard: that guys ha the phrase of the day. you will hear the rest of it in main. more from the teenagers on how they survived and why officials say they have flow plans no plans to hunt down that grizzly that attacked them. what sickened hundreds of cadets at the united states air force academy? those dorms are probably not a fun place to be these days. that's ahead along with bottom-of-the-hour headlines on the evening news. [ male announcer ] get ready for the left lane. the volkswagen autobahn for all event is back. right now, get a great deal on new volkswagen models, including the jetta, awarded a top safety pick by the iihs. that's the power of german engineering. hurry in and lease the jetta s for just $179 a month. ♪ visit today.
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>> shepard: a 6-year-old girl says she forgives the shark that took a bite out of her leg. it happened a week ago off the coast of north carolina. at the time her parents say this lucy girl asked them if she was going to die. today, well, listen here. >> why did you forgive that nice shark? [inaudible] >> she moved her hand to literally. >> shepard: could you hear that? she said he didn't mean to do it. her dad says he expects lucy to make a full recovery. she says the attack will not keep her away from the beach. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. a week to go until the treasury department says we may not be able to pay her government's bills. the u.s. house and senate diligently working on competing dils bills to raise the nation's debt limit. threatening to veto the house g.o.p. plan. as we reported earlier n
4:31 pm
newscast. republicans are looking at options to rewrite that g.o.p. plan. one g.o.p. leader is demanding more details about what the president would support. >> i know the president would rather give speeches about our problems than resolve them, but he wasn't elected to talk about the united states. he was elected to lead it. >> shepard: white house blaming republicans for the standoff saying the president who is the one who is offering a real compromise. the chief white house correspondent ed henry on the north lawn tonight. ed, any chance the republicans will get more details from the white house. >> shep, the short answer is. no this is an example of the deep divide between the parties that has really put us on the edge of some sort of a financial calamity. today jay carney insisted that, in fact, the president has put a specific plan on the table. even though the president has never committed any of this to paper. so i pressed him on take a listen to this exchange. >> so why didn't he say last night here are the nine things that i support? here are the numbers. here's what i want to do on taxes and just lay it out and say call your congressman with
4:32 pm
this. not with this vague -- >> -- the point, i mean, the fact is, you address the nation only so often on prime time. the president has been out here with an unbelievable amount of regulator talking to you, talking to the american people throughout this process. he has put forward in great detail. if you guys haven't talked about it on air or put it in your newspapers or online, then you should, because the detail is there. >> now, in fairness the president has laid out that he wants about $1.5 trillion in domestic spending cuts. about $400 billion in pentagon cuts. on issues like medicare and medicaid jay carney says they have plans for important savings but they don't lay them out. that's short for we'll get back to you on that, shep. >> shepard: i mentioned the white house veto threat. a lot of the analysts say it sounds a little squishy. what's the thing about whether the president would really veto boehner's bill? >> the way they issued the threat it sounded a he can
4:33 pm
little bit like there was wiggle room. a senior official here said the president will veto the boehner bill if it passes, that's a big if simply because it would only lift the debt ceiling for a few months and we would be back in the same place having the same tired fight once again in early 2012. they don't want that here. but, on the other hand, whether you have a top white house aide in dan pfeiffer today telling cbs radio he thinks that if nothing here passes we could have a financial depression, the d word, depression, that makes a lot of people in this town think that in the end, even if the president doesn't like something like the boehner bill he is going to have to sign something to prevent this kind of disaster, shep. >> shepard: ed henry live at the white house. thanks. as that debt ceiling deadline approaches. there is one thing we can now count on. the national debt clock will keep ticking away in new york no matter what happens in d.c. that's the word from the "wall street journal" which is owned by the parent company of this here channel. the folks who oversee the clock tell the journal they are ready for any scenario come august the
4:34 pm
2nd. in fact, they say if the debt stops rising, they can stop the clock. a new terror alert for americans as fox reports tonight. the united states state department has put out a global travel warning. officials are now saying the death of usama bin laden has raised the risk of attacks on u.s. citizens and other targets around the world. president obama's choice to head the nation's cop counter terror agency says that the united states has managed to weaken al qaeda since the attacks of 9/11. he warns the terror network is still a threat to the united states and to americans, one that's expanding to new locations. catherine herridge works intelligence for us live in d.c. tonight. as you have been reporting, one of those locations is yemen, right? >> well, that's right, shep. the president's nominee to head the national counter terrorism center or ntc told congress today that al qaeda is more diverse and is no more like fortune 500 company with al qaeda leader like bin laden as the ceo.
4:35 pm
>> recent events would suggest that the regional affiliates, particularly al qaeda in the arabian peninsula and its presence in yemen have shown a willingness and a level of capability to strike in the united states. >> and as we have reported extensively on your show al qaeda and yemen was behind the two major plots using airplane, shep. >> shepard: it got a little testy in there today, didn't it, cat. >> it did. letter sent to the committee. frank wolf claimed he was mislead about the status of detainee transfers to the u.s. during april of 2009 meeting with olson. republican saxby chambliss read from the congressman's letter. >> i inquired about the status of the potential transfer of uighur detainees to the united states. mr. olson indicated that a decision had not yet been reached on the transfer of the detainees. >> i do understand his frustration. i did not mislead. >> and senator feinstein who leads that committee, shep, wants the confirmation process
4:36 pm
through by august 2nd. the full-timing is not guaranteed. members are getting an opportunity to submit more questions for olson, shep. >> shepard: before we go, catherine, gitmo came up today. >> it did. critics of gift mow, including the white house, say the detention camps are recruiting terrorists. the president's own nominee said there was no evidence to support that claim. >> i have not seen from, again, my perspective both on the task force and much more limited perspective in my current role the national security agency anything in specification response to your question to that effect there is a change in recruiting based on the current government policy. >> and for context, olson was the executive director of the team that was tasked by the white house to close guantanamo. as you know, that never happened, shep. >> shepard: catherine herridge our terror pixie live in washington tonight. >> thank you. see you later. >> shepard: days after a grizzly bear, the teenagers are talking. about the attack that nearly
4:37 pm
killed them. >> i remember running and looking behind me and just seeing this huge like snarling grizzly bear. >> the worst of it is definitely down here out of the broken ribs and up here there is a pretty big chunk of skin missing. >> shepard: wow, the mauling happened during a wilderness trip in a repoet part of alaska. the kids learning survival skills. they say they knew that they were supposed to play dead but it seemed extinct kicked in and they fought back. >> i kicked him dead up in his face. like right in the middle, kicked him. he was done after that k.o. you don't mess with me. bill. >> shepard: k.o. they think the bear was trying to protect its cub. officials tell us there are no plans to hunt down that animal. k.o., don't mess with me. speaking of, our blago made a big request today. because he claims the judge bamboozled him at his retrial. more on what our blago wants coming up. plus, the british singer amy
4:38 pm
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>> shepard: family and friends saying goodbye to the late singer amy winehouse today. a few hundred mourners packed a cemetery in north london three days after her security team is said to have found her body in her apartment. she was 27. she fought very public battles with drug and alcohol addiction. but the investigators say they do not know what killed her, not yet. you see, the autopsy yesterday didn't provide any evidence. it wasn't a heart attack, wasn't a stroke. wasn't a lot of things. as it turns out, may have to wait a while to get some answers. waiting for more tests, i guess. we are, shep. waiting for toxicology results on urine, blood, tissue samples to see if there was drugs and alcohol in amy winehouse's
4:42 pm
system. if those tests come back and they are positive. they then do these more sophisticated tests to find out the amount of the drugs, the different kinds of drugs. that's why it takes two to four weeks for the whole process to be completed. experts say this is almost certainly an overdose. listen. >> >> i think most likely, bafersed on the kinds of things that occur not only with celebrities but with so many other people nowadays, it's going an acute combined drug talks city death. there will be two or three drugs involved. not likely just one. >> amy winehouse family believes she died of a heart attack or seizures but the doctor says that clearly would have shown up on the autopsy. shep. >> shepard: today's funeral private but some details have come out. >> yeah, we know it lasted 45 minutes. it was led by a rabbi who offered prayers in both hebrew and english.
4:43 pm
some celebrities there. namely kelly osborne the daughter of ozy. she wore a belive hairdo as a tribute to amy winehouse. the father of amy winehouse mitch gave a very emotional eulogy telling stories about her as a child. and ending by saying, and i'm quoting here good night my angel, sleep tight, mommy and daddy love you ever so much. the funeral ended with the mourners all singing the carol king song so far away, which was one of her favorites. amy winehouse was cremated, shep. >> shepard: trace gallagher live in los angeles. the sun never truly sets on planet blago. and if two trials were not enough, our favorite illinois governor indicating he is ready for round 3. attorneys for our blago filing a 158 page motion, asking the federal judge to grant him another retrial. just last month, a jury convicted him on 17 of 20 charges, including that he tried to sell or trade president
4:44 pm
obama's former senate seat. team blago claims the playing field in that trial was unlevel because, among other things, the judge let biased jury members in the pool. our blago awaits a sentencing date. the chances of a retrial think flying pigs. stomach flu hitting hundreds of cadets at the air force academy in colorado. 240 cadets and some active duty personnel came down with symptoms. they say some have recovered and are back in basic training but about 180 cadets still in isolation at one of the academy's two dorms. none said to go to the hospital. what was it stomach sickness? i don't know what it was. i think it was that kind of thing. i wish i could tell you but i'm not positive. i know they were ill and now they are better. a follow-up now on a story we reported here last night. a young author with epilepsy making considerable progress toward a big goal. it's our top story on a fox trip
4:45 pm
across america. virginia. 7-year-old evan e. evan moss raising thousands of dollars from sales of his new book which he has entitled "my seizure dog." >> if i ever go to outerspace, the seizure dog will come, too. >> hundreds of people came to his book signing over the weekend. his family hopes to raise $13,000 to get evan a real seizure dog. mom says she is amazed by all the support. >> i took a lot. >> brought in 6 or $7,000. washington, a fire tearing through a large apartment complex near seattle forcing nearly 30 people out of their low income rentals. crews taking more than three hours to control it. wisconsin. a pilot and passenger are dead after their small plane crashed into lake win beg go south of green bay. investigators say they may have taken part in a near air show. no word yet on what caused the wreck. california. a married couple hot on the trail of big foot east of
4:46 pm
sacramento. they say they have recorded sounds from the legendary beast. the husband swears he saw big foot once. >> stood up on two legs and walked off across the hillside. >> shepard: they replay that moaning in hopes that he will come around. but for now they are still looking and part of a fox watch across america. >> shepard: brand new developments tonight in the casey anthony murder case. a big decision from the judge about the names of the jurors who acquitted the florida mom of murder. we have that decision in a live report just moments away. and might the movie behemoth netflix be in real trouble? we will tell you which big name company is streaming movies on its web site. the competition is coming and what that could mean for the entire online rental business. movies straight away. it's the cleanest, clearest water. we find the best, sweetest crab for red lobster we can find.
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>> shepard: big battle brewing for movie rental values. largest retailer wal-mart unveiling a video service that will start streaming many movies on the same day they come out on dvd. this comes on the heels of a drastic price increase by the popular movie web site netflix. second rate hike in eight months. could raise fees 60% for existing netflix customers. now the judge in the casey anthony murder trial has made a huge decision. agreed to release the names of the jurors who acquitted casey anthony of murdering her own daughter. the judge originally withheld those names after they sparked protests and death threats for some members of the jury. one juror quit her job and left florida. told news co-workers were furious with her over the verdict. safety of these jurors seem to be the judge's ultimate colonel
4:51 pm
here. >> shep, absolutely it does. it has everything to do with, this including after his 13 page verdict, are ruling. judge perry included news excerpts of how these jurors post verdict have been harassed including this photograph of of a jurors 1 through 12 guilty of murder. keep in mind after the verdict which stunned the nation on july 5th, the entire 12 member jury or the panel that deliberated about nine hours finding her not guilty of killing her daughter cailee they all chose not to participate in post verdict news conference. the judge made it very clear he wanted a cooling off period before he releases their names. and that cooling off period will last for three full more months. we will not have the names of these jurors released publicly until the end of october. >> shepard: that's unusual. even just after the trial ends jurors' names are public. >> absolutely. it's almost unheard of in the american system of open society and open government and our
4:52 pm
judicial system that you have a very public trial with a public second verdict, yet the names of the jurors remain secret. it almost never happens its did d. come up recently in a couple of other high profile cases the blago trial as well as the barry bonds perjury trial. the judge did keep those names secret for a time. judge perry's order suggests the florida's legislature amend sunshine laws for high profile jury decisions such as this one. he cites the very well established right to privacy in the united states of america. he also worries about a chilling effect that could happen down the line getting people, citizens, to willingly participate in high profile jury trials if they fear that their safety is going to be in jeopardy as has been the case provenly so far post verdict in casey anthony's trial. >> shepard: phil keating in south florida tonight. fast moving floods killing 10 people with many more missing that tops our world in 80 seconds.
4:53 pm
>> philippines. imtense storms triggering storms and island. standing families and livestock. rescue boats were scarce and temporary shelters already under water. the government reports that in one region, more rain fell in 24 hours than in the rest of july. mexico. police raiding several markets around mexico city seizing thousands of exotic animals including parrots and reptiles and trant las. smugglers bring many of them across the border from the united states. more than 20 people under arrest. china, at least 12 people are hurt, including four firefighters after an explosion on a cargo ship in the southern province. investigators say it happened after workers cut a gas line. rescuers pulling the crew out of the heavy flames and smoke. united kingdom. a french collector and wine steward the proud owner of what we are told is the most expensive bottle of wine anyone
4:54 pm
has ever bought commercially. he shelled out more than $120,000 for the white wine which dates back to 1811. >> it's like getting acquainted with a lady who is is 200 years old that i'm quite shy. >> he says he will drink it in six years to celebrate a half century as -- and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> shepard: coming up. a naked intruder messes with the wrong granny. >> no, no. not in my house. so i grabbed my bag. and i hit him. a couple of times.
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
>> shepard: word now of two grave senior citizens who fought off intruders on opposite sides of the world. first case queens land, australia, where a 94-year-old woman says she was hanging laundry when a roo attacked her. >> it come out there and knocked me out, run for the ground.
4:58 pm
and then i r. started to attack me. so i hit it on the head with the broom. [ laughter ] and now it was -- it still came at me. >> shepard: but she managed to crawl to her house where her son called the cops. and they fought off the roo with a pepper spray. the woman got cut up a bit. we are told she should be fine. red kangaroos like this one can stand 6 feet tall and weigh 200 pounds. then there is new hampshire where a 70-year-old grandmother says she fought off a man who walked right into her house. he should be easy to track down though because he didn't bother wearing a disguise. >> this person is standing there. and i'm saying who are you? who are you? what do you want? he still is standing there. and i'm screaming at him and he is not moving. is he not doing anything. is he just there. naked. yeah. that's the part that blew me away. >> shepard: that would do it. don't see that every day. consider since he was naked,
4:59 pm
that bat must have felt nice. when last seen, he was hobbling out the door, likely with some new bruises courtesy of a very feisty grandma. and on this day in 1947, then president harry truman signed the national security act. the cold war was in full swing and many in washington were calling for something that could better coordinate various defense agencies. the national security act was the answer of the day. it spawned a new defense department, the united states air force, the national security council, and the cia. they have all grown a little since then. budgets, and power have gone way up. president george w. bush would later compare the effort to create the department of homeland security to that 1947 act. but president truman acted first 64 years ago today. and now you kno


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